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Improving at the club and youth level takes hard work and repetition. Coach Dave Cisar explains how Hudl fits into the process with his top-ranked teams.

Common questions answered

I’m not a coach—I’m a parent or player and I want to use Hudl.

Awesome. Our sales team would love to get in touch with your team’s head coach. If you are with a high school or college, email to find the sales rep in your area. If you are with a youth, club or middle school team, email Or, email coach and ask him yourself.

What happened to monthly packages?

Our Basic package has the same features as the monthly account, as well as access to your video year-round. Someone forgot to make a highlight tape? Create it during the off-season. Playing in a preseason tournament? Your account is still active and ready for new video. Want to review games from last year? They’re still there. No need to start fresh every season. Just renew on an annual basis.

I’m a coach at a high school and money is tight. Can I sign up for a youth package?

We require at least a Silver package for high school and college teams, but there are ways that Hudl can pay for itself and easily fit your budget. Email to learn about Hudl Fundraising. And depending on your school's current setup, that silver package could be cheaper than you think.

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