Break it down in minutes, not days.

Have your game broken down when you walk off the court.

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Review key plays immediately.

If you're connected to Wi-Fi, the game uploads to Hudl as it's recording, so you can use any device to study turnovers and rebounds minutes after the game.

See players become students.

Notes and playlists make teaching easy and learning even easier. Dominate the new flex offense by studying those times it was run to perfection.

Match stats and video instantly.

Reference the box score and keep coaching as you walk off the court. We'll have the full breakdown waiting in the locker room.

Browse and view on the go.

Coaches and athletes can use the tagged data to filter full games and find key moments for better study sessions on any desktop, iOS or Android device.

Add notes and telestrations.

Draw right on the video as it plays back on your iPad. Connect to Apple TV or a projector and make those notes visible to everyone for more efficient team meetings.

Exchange full games.

With more than 10,000 programs already using Hudl, you’re done making road trips to swap newly burned DVDs. Do it all online and save hours every week.

It's Game Day.


Setup is a breeze with no laptop or cords to worry about.

  • Get ready to film and tag with any combination of iPad, iPhone and camera.
  • Open the Hudl app for iOS and connect to the school's Wi-Fi.


Team stats update after every tag so you can review during the quickest timeouts.

  • Check the box score before heading to the locker room.
  • Make your halftime adjustments. Is the other team getting a lot of points in transition or shooting a high percentage from three? Emphasize getting back on defense and closing out on their shooters.


  • Deliver your postgame speech while Hudl automatically matches your video and data.
  • Spend a couple of minutes creating a playlist for the team to review tomorrow.

Find and save your scoring runs, rebounds and turnovers before heading home for the night.

Set them up for success.

Our highlight and recruiting tools give athletes the chance to be recognized and recruited.

Create professional highlights.

Help your athletes stand out to fans and recruiters. Add spot shadows, trim dead time, and include titles to break up the action. And creating banquet videos has never been easier.

Promote your athletes.

The tools to create highlights and contact recruiters put college scholarships within each athlete’s reach, no matter the sport. All you need is the coach's email address.

Give every athlete a custom profile.

Every athlete gets their own page to share their highlights, stats, and scores with recruiters, friends and family.

World-Class Support.

It’s not often a company encourages customers to use its support line. But, if you have any questions at all, call our team at 402-817-0063. We have 40 clever problem solvers ready to handle any issue you can throw at them, even via chat or email.

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Let Hudl pay for itself.

Engage your supporters with a campaign that's as unique as your team. Raise money for your team to buy new equipment, play in a tournament, or even pay for your Hudl bill. The best part? You keep 96% of the proceeds. Get the most out of your donations with Hudl.

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